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About GEMStat.org

The United Nations Environment Programme Global Environment Monitoring System (GEMS) Water Programme is a multi-faceted water science centre oriented towards building knowledge on inland quality issues worldwide. The twin goals of the programme are to improve water quality monitoring and assessment capacity in participating countries, and to determine the state and trends of regional and global water quality. The main GEMS/Water website is at http://www.gemswater.org, and UNEP at http://www.unep.org.

GEMStat.org is designed to provide access to surface and groundwater quality data and statistics collected from the GEMS/Water Global Network, and warehoused in a global water quality database called GEMStat. The Global Network covers over 100 countries, more than 3,000 stations, close to four million records, and over 100 parameters.

Data Providers
National Focal Points of governmental agencies, and Collaborating Focal Points of non-governmental agencies, submit water quality data and information to GEMStat, which in turn are provided on this website. The Focal Points should be credited as the original sources of GEMStat data.

To become a Focal Point, or to submit data, contact Kelly Hodgson, kelly.hodgson@gemswater.org.

Data Integrity and Effectiveness
Improvements in the quality and quantity of statistical data on all aspects of water quality are essential for sustainable water resource management. Good data are needed to set baselines, identify effective public and private actions, set goals and targets, monitor progress and evaluate impacts, and other assessments.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) activities are essential to ensuring the reliability of water quality measurements. The trend through the broader analytical community is to strengthen laboratory QA from simple internal quality control measures, to laboratory accreditation, to international standards such as ISO/IEC 17025. The use of documented analytical methods is also integral to the generation of reliable water quality data. A lack of such documentation can lead to the production, merging and comparison of water quality data generated by different procedures for the same parameter. More specific information about GEMS/Water's QA/QC activities is accessible at http://www.gemswater.org.

Getting Help
GEMS/Water offers technical assistance in statistical management to its Focal Points to encourage participation and increase global capacity in water quality monitoring. For more information, contact info@gemswater.org.

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