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Viewing GEMS/Water Stations in Google Earth™

This feature requires that you have Google Earth already installed and running on your computer. If you have not already done so, please visit http://earth.google.com to download and install the software.

KMZ files containing GEMS/Water stations for individual countries and for the world are available for download and display in Google Earth. You will find links to these files on those Search for Data web pages that display a map of a country and its stations.
  1. Start up Google Earth.
  2. Click on the Search for Data link on the left.
  3. Select a region of interest (optional).
  4. Set the Select by option to Country. KMZ files are inaccessible if this option is set to Watershed.
  5. Select a country of interest.
  6. Below the map, click on one of the links to show:

    • stations in selected country, or
    • all stations (world)

    Depending on your browser settings, clicking on one of the two links will:

    • automatically display the stations in Google Earth, or
    • prompt you to Open with Google Earth or Save to Disk. A saved kmz file can then be opened in Google Earth (main menu: FileOpen).
Once the GEMS/Water stations are displayed in Google Earth, you can click on one () to show station information. Clicking on the link "View summary data at GEMStat web" will display the Search for Data web page with the station already selected. You can then choose parameters and view summary data as usual. Note: the web page can be displayed within Google Earth or in an external window depending on the "show web results in external browser" setting, which can be found in the Preferences or General tab of the Google Earth Options dialog (main menu: ToolsOptions).

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